1. Bulletproof


Verse 1
Your words are ammunition, you shot so well
Aiming for my heart and then down I fell
With every bullet baby I built a wall
All in anticipation of watching you fall
Got my army, right beside me, are you ready for war?
Take a deep breath, better get set, here’s my battle call
I’m bulletproof, my armour suit
No one can hurt me now
I’m bulletproof, so I don’t bruise
I’m rising from the ground
I’m bulletproof, misunderstood
You push me to the edge
Because of you, I’m bulletproof
Verse 2
There’s nothing you can do to me, anymore
Cos I got no emotions left to explore
With every single word I grew thicker skin
Now all of your excuses are wearing thin
Pre x 1
Chorus x 1
Mid 8
Come a little closer, move one step closer
Just come a little closer, put down your gun
Don’t wanna talk it over so, move a little closer
Cos I’m gonna take you over, you’ll come undone.
Pre x 1
Chorus x 2
© 2015, Simon Cookson, Nathalie Cookson