1. Battle Scars


Words and Music By Nathalie Miranda and Simon Cookson

Verse 1
I cried a river
Then built a bridge to get over it
I got my head above the water trying hard not to lose my grip

You’re going under
You turned your lover to enemy
I’m giving you a one way ticket to the grave that you dug for me

Pre Chorus 1
You better watch where you tread
Beware the voices in your head
Cos baby all I see is red
I’m gonna bring you down

Chorus 1
I got battle scars
They’re running into my heart
And it’s a crying shame it’s gotta be this way my love

And it ain’t no use, no
Boy you ain’t got no excuse
Don’t you know you won’t forget my name
You won’t forget my name
No, no, no you won’t forget my name

Verse 2
No second guessing
You gonna know when the storm arrives
There ain’t no pickin’ up the pieces of the mess that you left behind

Ain’t no escapin’
Boy you don’t know what you up against
And you be beggin’ baby please but I’mma smile when you meet your end

Pre Chorus 2

Chorus 2

Middle 8 / Guitar Solo
Guitar - Wait a minute, wait a minute, what did you say?
Guitar - Oh babe no you can’t escape
Guitar - Hunny I’m comin’ atcha like a hurricane
Guitar- Listen when I say

Chorus 3

The little things
I remember
Better believe
I remember
Betcha didn’t think
I remember
But I remember everything

Every little word
I remember
Every little thing
Down to the letter
I’mma play you at your own game
So much better
And I want you to know you won’t forget my name